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February 1, 2003
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The Mozilla 1.0 Web browser suite is out! MozillaQuest Magazine has the best, most balanced, accurate, robust and in-depth coverage of AOL-Netscape's Mozilla 1.0 browser on the Internet. Mozilla 1.0 features, performance, bugs, issues, and annoyances -- the Mozilla Application Programming Framework (Mozilla 1.0 APIs) -- all on

2000 Features & News Articles Index

Mike Angelo -- 30 December 2000

MozillaQuest series - building Webbrowser - Part II- branding your lizard

Mozilla Organization Revises Development Roadmap and Product Release Schedule

By Mike Angelo -- 22 December 2000

How to Download, Install, & Configure Netscape 6.0 - Safely! By Mike Angelo - 20 December 2000

MozillaQuest Magic: Enabling Changes Made to Mozilla-Based Browsers & Applications Chrome -- A Tutorial

by Fabian Guisset - 8 December 2000

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make & distribute your own gecko-based browser,composer, or e-mailclient

MozillaQuest the Series -- Building Your Own Mozilla-Based Web Browser:

Part I, Skinning the Lizard -- Introduction, Overview, & Basics -- by Mike Angelo-- 6 December 2000

The Lizard-genie is out of the bottle. Netscape 6 and Mozilla are skin-able. That allows you to change the appearance of these browsers, thus giving them your own customized look and feel. In Netscape 6 and Mozilla, these skins are called themes.

Mike Angelo shows you how to create your own, cross-platform, custom-built Mozilla and Netscape themes -- or your own, cross-platform, Web browser suite. Then you can distribute your branded, customized, browser suite to customers, clients, employees, partners, friends, etc.

MozillaQuest series - building Webbrowser - Part I- basic mozilla skinning

Mozilla's ChatZilla, The Lizard Speaks:

Real Internet Chatting & Communication

Part 1: Introduction & Overview by Mike Angelo

22 November 2000

ChatZilla is a neat, exciting, easy-to-use TCP/IP visual IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. It now comes with the free, cross-platform Mozilla Browser Suite. Just download Mozilla, click on IRC chat, and with a few more mouse clicks start chatting away. ChatZilla works great on the Linux and Windows platforms.

Welcome to an all new on-line computer magazine. We just started this Web site on Friday November 17, 2000.

MozillaQuest Magazine will show you how-to-use your PC and your PC software, and hardware. The articles and information you find here will help you get lots of bang for the bucks you spend on your computer system and software.

Many articles include references to helpful books with even more help and resources with even more information about the things discussed in the articles.

We launch with the first installment of our series about ChatZilla, a pretty darn slick IRC client built on top of the Mozilla applications programming framework.

Current plans are to add at least one article every week so please check back every now and then.


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