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September 25, 2002


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Mandrake Linux 9.0 Released for Downloading

Mike Angelo -- 25 September 2002 (C) -- Page 2

Excerpt of Mandrake Linux 9.0 Beta 3 Long Announcement -- Continued


Of course you will find the latest & greatest versions of the main packages, including:

  • kernel 2.4.19 RC1
  • XFree86 4.2, which supports many video cards previously only supported in 3.3.6
  • glibc 2.2.5
  • Apache 1.3.26
  • Evolution 1.08
  • KDE 3.0.2
  • GNOME 2.0
  • Galeon 1.2.5
  • Mozilla 1.0.0
  • GCC 3.1.1
  • and much more

We've prepared a few sample screenshots to make sure nobody downloads the Beta just for the sake of "knowing what it looks like".. leave the bandwith to REAL men (and women).

Known issues with Beta 1:

The developers caught up on their sleep last weekend, therefore the following problems weren't corrected before the Beta was released into the wild:

* CDROM access as root does not work properly with supermount

Reason: devfsd does not create the /dev/hdX link as user pam access to /dev/ide/*/*/*/*/cd to set user ownership makes devfsd create the link.

* Java support is broken.

Reason: The currently available Java is not compiled with GCC 3.1 and therefore does not work with our packages.

* DRI does not work properly with i810 and X doesn't respawn correctly. To fix this, do not activate 3D acceleration with i810 based systems.

Reason: The kernel module for i810 suffers some problems.

* CD switching during the installation causes some problems. When a new CD is requested, clicking the "cancel" button may lead the installation process into an infinite loop.

For those of you who do not have the bandwidth to download Mandrake 9.0 the Mandrake folks have been kind enough to provide some screen shots of it for you.

Or, for those of you who do have lots of bandwidth, you can download Mandrake 9.0 from the Mandrake download site. Enjoy.

Stay tuned.

Editor's Note: Our article about the Mandrake 9.0 beta 1 release included a most interesting interview with Mandrake's Gaël Duval. It is repeated in the text-box below for anyone who might have missed it. The Resources section with Mandrake Web site and download links and lots more handy links is immediately below the Gaël Duval interview text-box.

Previous Interview with Mandrake's Gaël Duval

Gaël Duval is the founder of Mandrake Linux and co-founder of MandrakeSoft SA and MandrakeSoft, Inc. In an e-mail discussion, Gaël Duval told MozillaQuest Magazine that Mandrake 9.0 is planned to be released in September.

We also discussed Mandrake's involvement with the Linux Standard Base (LSB) project, non-involvement with United Linux, and Mandrake dropping Netscape from its Linux distribution and replacing it with Mozilla 1.0. Although Mandrake 9.0 will not be fully LSB compliant, Mandrake is moving in the direction of full compliance with the LSB. Mandrake will not participate in United Linux. And MandrakeSoft has dropped Netscape from its Mandrake Linux distribution.

LSB Mission Statement

The goal of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) is to develop and promote a set of standards that will increase compatibility among Linux distributions and enable software applications to run on any compliant Linux system. In addition, the LSB will help coordinate efforts to recruit software vendors to port and write products for Linux.


MozillaQuest Magazine: Mandrake plans to be LSB compliant eventually, is that correct?

Gaël Duval: Of course, that's our goal.

However, there are technical issues that remain to be resolved. So, Mandrake does not have a precise timetable for achieving full LSB compliance. Gaël Duval mentioned that Mandrake might publish a special "LSB" release in the future, maybe with updates, to make sure the product is as solid as possible.

MozillaQuest Magazine: Why do you feel it is important for Mandrake Linux to (eventually) be LSB compliant?

Gaël Duval: It's not only Mandrake; I think it's important for all the biggest Linux distributors to provide LSB-compliant products. Then it makes life easier for software publishers and users - and it finally gives more power to Linux to dominate the market and go mainstream.

Note: United Linux: why MandrakeSoft will not join, the document to which Gaël Duval refers, is an excellent and very informative statement of Mandrake's position on the United Linux endeavor. If you use Linux or merely are interested in Linux, you ought to read Mandrake's United Linux position statement.

What is UnitedLinux?

UnitedLinux is a standards-based, worldwide Linux solution targeted at the business user . . . Designed to be an enterprise-class, industry-standard Linux operating system, UL provides a single stable, uniform platform for application development, certification, and deployment . . .

(UnitedLinux FAQs)

While Gaël Duval is very positive about the LSB project and bringing Mandrake Linux into full LSB compliance, he has a very different view towards the United Linux endeavor.

MozillaQuest Magazine: How will Mandrake 9.0 fit in with United Linux? Will Mandrake 9.0 be part of United Linux?

Gaël Duval: "No. We've decided not to join United Linux for several reasons that are explained in United Linux: why MandrakeSoft will not join.

MozillaQuest Magazine: Will Mandrake 9.0 comply with the United Linux specs?

Gaël Duval: No.

MozillaQuest Magazine: Mandrake 9.0 will have Mozilla 1.0. However, I did not notice anything about Netscape. Is Mandrake dropping Netscape?

Gaël Duval: It's been dropped. MandrakeSoft is a company that is committed to Free-Software. That's the reason why we replace proprietary software by Free Software when it's possible. Mandrake Linux, the core product that comes as a 3 CD-Set and available for download, now comes without any proprietary software.

Copyright 2000-2002 -- MozillaQuest -- Brodheadsville, Pa..USA -- All Rights Reserved
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