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19 January, 2003


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LinuxWorld in New York City -- 21-24 January 2003

Mike Angelo -- 19 January 2003 (C)

IDG's LinuxWorld is a computer show well worth attending -- and the price is right if you register before the show starts. The Exhibits Pass is free if you register on or before 20 January 2003. On-site from 21 to 24 January 2003, the LinuxWorld Exhibits Pass is $30.

The Exhibits Pass gets you into the:

  • Keynotes and Feature Presentations
  • Birds of a Feather Meetings
  • Taste of Linux Series
  • Exhibit Floor (Jan 22 - 24)

There also is an assortment of LinuxWorld Conference Packages starting at $225. Conferences run from 21 to 24 January 2003. LinuxWorld exhibits run from 22 to 24 January 2003.

You can register for the free Exhibit Pass or the not-free Conference Packages on-line (links below) or by calling 1-800-657-1474.

Here is the list of the January 2003 LinuxWorld conference tracks:

  • Managing Linux: Real SysAdmin from the Trenches
  • Business/Emerging Technologies
  • Developer Issues
  • Security Issues
  • Linux in Government/Defense
  • Linux in Telco/Communications

Why You Should Attend LinuxWorld Expo

Whether you are an experienced Linux user, Linux newbie, a Mac user, a Windows user, IT/IS professional, corporate buyer, or corporate executive and you are in the Northeastern United States, you ought to check out the January 2003 LinuxWorld Expo. It's at the Javits Center in New York City. If you are on the U.S. West Coast, there will be a LinuxWorld Expo at the Moscone Center in San Francisco in August 2003.

If you are not a Linux user or not Linux literate, the LinuxWorld Expo is a great place to see Linux and Open Source Software in action first hand -- demonstrated by the people and companies that publish the Linux distributions, create Linux and Open Source software, and make the computers upon which Linux runs. If you are a Linux evangelist or Linux user, drag some of your Mac or Windows user friends over to LinuxWorld Expo and knock their socks off.

Here are some other ideas for all of you readers that want to help get more people and organizations to use Linux and Open Source software. Call the members of your local school board and the school district's business manager. Invite them to go along with you to the LinuxWorld Expo. Let them see how much Linux can do and how well it can do it -- and for how much less money than Windows can do it. Let them talk dollars and Linux sense with the exhibitors.

There is no reason why every school system in the United States should not be a Linux school system rather than a Mac or Windows school system -- if for no other reason than it would save U.S taxpayers millions of dollars every year. (Actually if you think about it, every school system in the world should be a Linux school system.)

There is another important reason for getting schools to adopt Linux as their OS. The students will learn to use Linux and Linux software at school. Once they learn how to use Linux and Linux software, they likely will install Linux on their home computers.

Speaking of taxpayers, government organizations, and Linux, call the mayor and council of your town or your county commissioners. Drag them along to LinuxWorld too. If you have the guts or the clout, then drag your governor, state representative, or U.S. Congress-person to LinuxWorld also.

There is no reason why every government unit in the United States should not be a Linux government unit rather than a Mac or Windows government unit -- if for no other reason than it would save U.S taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

Some of these suggestions might sound somewhat over-ambitious. But what the heck, no guts no glory. You never know -- it might work. The underlying point here is that a good way to show people the benefits of Linux and Open Source software is to take them along to the LinuxWorld Expo. Then let the exhibitors there do their things and show the people you invite to LinuxWorld just how great Linux and Open Source software are and how much money they can save by using Linux and Open Source software.

If you or some of these government folks you invite to LinuxWorld want to spring for a conference package there is a "Linux in Government/Defense" conference track.

More Information About LinuxWorld Expo

The LinuxWorld Web site is a little cumbersome to navigate. However, if you download the LinuxWorld brochure you should be able to find lots of additional information about LinuxWorld. There is a complete list of conferences, tutorials, keynote addresses, and other events in the brochure.

You can check the LinuxWorld Packages, Pricing & Deadlines page for registration details.

LinuxWorld Exhibitors

Here is the list of approximately 200 exhibitors from the LinuxWorld brochure. This list is the list as of October 2002. So, there likely are some changes since this list was distributed.

1mage Software, Inc.
A.L.I.C.E. Al Foundation
ACCPAC International, Inc.
Acucorp, Inc.
Aculab, Inc.
Allied Systems Design, Inc.
AMAX Information Technologies
Angstrom Microsystems
Applied Data Systems
Appro International, Inc.
APPX Software, Inc.
Argus Systems Group
ASP Technologies, Inc.
Association of Internet Professionals
Astaro Corporation
Aurora SPARC Linux Project
Avision, Inc.
Bakbone Software, Inc.
Biscom, Inc.
Bitstream, Inc.
BMC Software
BOFH International
Caldera Systems
California Digital
CMP Media
Computer Associates
Consensys Raidzone
Coriolis Group, The
Covalent Technologies, Inc.
Cybernet Software Systems
Cybozu Corporation
Cyclades Corporation
Daemon News
DAS Technology Co., Ltd
Dell Computer Corporation
Dolphin Interconnect
Dot Hill Systems
DRB-HICOM Information Technologies
Dynamic Network Factory
Egenera, Inc.
Ehterboot Project
Eicon Networks
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Embedded Linux Consortium
Embedded Linux Journal
Emperor Linux
Empower Technologies, Inc.
Entegrity Solutions
eOn Communications
Equinox Systems
Etherboot Project
Free Software Foundation
Free Standards Group
Freshwater Software
Geodesic Systems, Inc.
Globetrotter Software
Gnome Foundation
GNU Enterprise
Google, Inc.
Green Light Advantage LLC
GVS - Grande Vitesse Systems, Inc.
Hawk Technologies
Hewlett Packard
Hungry Minds
InHand Electronics, Inc.
Integra eBusiness
International Online Computer Society
Internet Server Connections, Inc.
ISE, Inc.
Japan Linux Association
JMP, A Business Unit of SAS
K Desktop Environment
KDE Desktop Environment
Key Information Systems
Knox Software
Legato Systems, Inc.
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Journal
Linux Magazine
Linux Professional Institute
Linux Support Services
Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)
LinuxCertified, Inc.
Long Island Linux Users Group
LTrix Engineering
LXNY: New York's Free Software.Org
MacroImpact, Inc.
McCabe & Asssociates
Microsoft Corporation
Mission Critical Linux
MontaVista Software
Myricom, Inc.
Natureshift Project
New York Linux Scene
Nex Computers
NWTech, Inc.
O'Reilly & Associates
OmniCluster Technologies, Inc.
Open ACS
Open Source Development Lab, Inc.
Open Source Education Foundation
Open Source Web Design
Open Umbrella
OTG Software, Inc.
Penguin Computing
Perforce Software, Inc.
PFU America, Inc.
Platform Computing Corporation
Pogo Linux
PolyServe, Inc.
Polywell Computers, Inc.
Proactive Monitoring
RAE Internet
RAV AntiVirus
Red Hat, Inc.
RLX Technologies, Inc.
Rosalita Associates
Sangoma Technologies Corporation
Shaffer Solutions
Shaolin Microsystems Limited
Sharp Electronics Corporation
Sistina Software, Inc.
SixFold Technologies
SlickEdit, Inc.
Software AG/Stellent, Inc.
Sony Computer Entertainment
Spectra Logic
SSC Publications
Stalker Software, Inc.
Storage Technology (StorageTek)
StorCase Technology, Inc.
Store, Inc.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Surgient Networks
SuSE Linux
Talk Tech
The Debian Project
The NetBSD Foundation
The Portland Group
THIZLinux Laboratory Limited
Troll Tech
UniForum Association, Megamind
Training Institute
United Linux
Veritas Software
Vibren Technologies
Vita Nuova
Wiley Technology Publishing
Xerox Network Printers
Ximian, Inc.
Zambeel, Inc.

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