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September 6, 2003

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Gaël Duval, Joe Eckert, Randy Plessor, Jeremy White, and Mike Angelo Discuss Linux and Open-Source Software in Schools and Colleges

Young People Are The Future of Linux

Mike Angelo -- 6 September 2003 (C) -- Page 3

Conectiva Develops Program for Universities

São Paulo, August 20, 2003 - With the objective to attend the academic demands for training in Linux, Conectiva, the leader in Linux services in Latin America, just finished its development of a special program for universities. Through an agreement with Conectiva, institutions of higher learning can offer Conectiva courses, with current technical content made available to its students. Training is administered by certified instructors with courseware developed by Conectiva. The Agreements have special conditions, especially for institutions of higher learning.

The first university in the country to integrate this program is UniverCidade, on of the most traditional schools in Rio de Janeiro, with almost 40 installations in the city and 35,000 registered students. Since the beginning of the year, the installation in the Meier neighborhood has been administering Conectiva courses for its students. Beginning this second half of the year, the program should be extended to the Lagoa and Ipanema campuses.

"We offer our students Conectiva training as specialized extension courses" stated Claudio Fico, coordinator of certification courses in IT at the UniverCidade. The complete course administered by UniverCidade include modules Fundamentals, Networks, Systems I and II. The length of a full course is approximately 11 months.

This is not the first project of Conectiva for schools. "The academic area has always been one of the major areas of support for Linux and Open Source software. For this reason, Conectiva has always been pre-occupied with how to work together with higher learning." stated Jaques Rosenzvaig, CEO of Conectiva. The university segment is one of the most active participants in the development and propagation of Linux.

(This is a translation of a Conectiva Press Release translated by the Conectiva people.)

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