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June 27, 2003

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Gaël Duval and Mike Angelo Discuss Mandrake Business Products and Finances

MandrakeSoft Adds MandrakeClustering to Its Business and Enterprise Products Lineup

Business Products Helping MandrakeSoft Financial Position

Mike Angelo -- 27 June 2003 (C) -- Page 2

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MandrakeClustering Press Release (Excerpts)

International Supercomputer Conference ISC2003; Heidelberg, Germany; June 24th, 2003 -- Continuing a long tradition of simplifying the use of Linux for an extensive range of tasks, MandrakeSoft today introduces a new product in the field of supercomputing: "MandrakeClustering". Designed to meet the high-demands of clustering solutions inside research laboratories and other compute-intensive industries, MandrakeClustering is an achievement of the CLIC research project (including partners such as Bull) which offers both high calculation performance plus unequaled comfort of use. Some typical uses of MandrakeClustering include crash simulations, acoustics, seismic modeling, risk analysis, etc.

MandrakeClustering is provided as a complete solution, which includes the software product plus various support options. The list price begins at 2,960 USD/Euros. Supported architectures currently include AMD® Opteron®, Intel® Pentium® and compatible processors (IA-64 support to come later in September).

* A fast and powerful Clustering product *

Low latency and high-bandwidth are made possible by the use of high-performance SCI connections between nodes. The Pentium version greatly benefits from CPU optimizations made with the Intel® compiler (for Pentium IV Xeon).

* Installation made easy *

Thanks to PXE technology, MandrakeClustering can be quickly installed. Complete deployment is possible in only a few minutes with the help of Clusterautosetup and Kadeploy utilities. URPMI -- the Mandrake package management system and dependency solver -- has been parallelized to allow automated software updating of all nodes simultaneously.

* Dramatically simple methods to administer and use the Cluster *

To guarantee an optimal user experience, MandrakeClustering provides a graphical environment plus numerous administration tools which allow the Cluster administrator to add and remove nodes from a simple clic; create virtual partitions; assign users to partitions; plus graphically configure the entire system. Graphical monitoring of the system is performed via a dedicated tool named "Ganglia".

In addition, MandrakeClustering offers the ability to use two separate network interfaces, thereby allowing the ability to differentiate the administration network from the computing network.

* Excellent hardware support *

Based on the popular Mandrake Linux distribution, MandrakeClustering benefits from a superior range of hardware support. Each node automatically adapts itself depending on the hardware used (SCI, network, filesystem, etc.), thus allowing superior support for heterogeneous environments. Additionally, MandrakeClustering supports up to 4 GB of RAM for each node (16 GB for Opteron).

"MandrakeClustering is not only a impressive example of innovative Linux technology, but it's also a complete "all-in-one" solution that includes support & assistance for "real-world" clustering deployments and critical research lab activities. We are extremely confident that this product will answer the needs of numerous technology research centers where time of deployment and ease of administration are highly valued", said François Bancilhon, MandrakeSoft CEO.

MandrakeClustering ships as a turn-key clustering environment. Based on the high-performance Mandrake Linux operating system, this product offers SCI drivers, several clustering messaging transit layers (MP Mpich, Mpich, Lam, PVM), graphical monitoring tools, parallelized tools (URPMI, Ka-tools, Gexec) plus numerous mathematical libraries.

The price of MandrakeClustering solutions - including product and assistance - is dependant on the number of deployed nodes and elected support options. For support and prices, please consult:

The 'Base' version of the MandrakeClustering product will soon become available at In the meantime, please send all sales requests to

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