February 7, 2001


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Mozilla Milestone 0.8 Release Expected Next Week

Mike Angelo -- 7 February 2001(c)

Look for a new Milestone release of the Mozilla browser suite, Mozilla 0.8, next week if all goes well. The latest Mozilla Project Development Roadmap lists Mozilla 0.8 release for 12 February 2001 -- that's next week.

The Mozilla development tree was frozen early this morning right on the Roadmap schedule. (Table 1) However, there seem to be lots of regressions in today's Mozilla Mtrunk builds. That could slow things down some.

Traditionally, the milestone freeze time is 12 A.M. on a Wednesday. During the freeze, only bugs deemed "must-fix-for-this-milestone", typically last minute regressions, are fixed on the trunk, as everyone tries to qualify the daily builds as branch-worthy. Release staff@mozilla.org create the milestone branch, which receives even more intensive QA over the weekend, leading to a release the following Monday. (Mozilla Development Roadmap)

The new Netscape 6 browser suite and the upcoming NeoPlanet browser are based upon the cross-platform Mozilla browser-suite.

"The milestones are intended to be periodic check points for progress on the project, stability of builds, porting status, and are entry points for additional mozilla (sic) contributors to provide testing and engineering help on the project." (Project Sea Monkey http://mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/)

Nevertheless, pre-Mozilla-1.0 development builds now are pretty much features-complete, stable, and usable. Mozilla development work now is focused on bug squashing, improved stability, and better performance.

We have been using the 9 January 2001 Mozilla Milestone 0.7 release as a primary browser. It is very stable and usable for us insofar as Web surfing is concerned. We also find it to be better, browser-wise, than Netscape 6.0.

If you have not yet tried the Mozilla browser suite you can download and try the 9 January 2001 Mozilla Milestone 0.7 release for now. Check the MozillaQuest Magazine front page (mozillaquest.com) to find out when Milestone 0.8 is released.

For more information about Mozilla 0.7 plus download links and instructions please see our article, Mozilla Milestone 0.7 Browser-Suite Released.

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