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September 11, 2001
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World Trade Center & Pentagon Aircraft-Bombings

NEWS FLASH (11 Sep 01) -- Slightly before and after 9 A.M. Eastern US Time this morning, two commercial-class jet aircraft were deliberately flown into the World Trade Center´s twin towers located in New York City, U.S.A. Terrorism is suspected.. The twin towers are in flames. ABC news now also is reporting a fire at the Pentagon -- the U.S. Department of Defense headquarters located in Washington D.C.

UPDATE: (10:05 AM EDT) Assorted news sources now are reporting many, if not all, U.S. airports and much U.S. airspace is being shutdown as a precautionary measure. U.S. government facilities, including the White House in Washington D.C. are being evacuated. On the Fox TV Philadelphia affiliate University of Pennsylvania political science Professor Stephen Gale called this an "act of war".

UPDATE: (10:15 AM EDT) ABC news now is reporting an explosion in the Capitol building in Washington D.C. The Capitol building is where the United States Senate and House of Representatives meet and the Senate and House members have their offices.

UPDATE: (10:20 AM EDT) ABC news now is reporting that one of the twin towers "has collapsed upon itself" and Fox news is reporting, based on an eyewitness account, that a plane crashed into the Pentagon earlier.

UPDATE: (10:30 AM EDT) The AP reports a car bomb exploded outside of the State Department in Washington D.C. and Fox news reports part of the pentagon has collapsed.

UPDATE: (10:35 AM EDT) Both ABC and Fox now are reporting that the second World Trade Center tower has collapsed as a result of the aircraft-bomb attack on the World Trade Center earlier this morning.

UPDATE: (10:55 AM EDT) Various news services are reporting that the United States Park Service has closed historical landmarks including Independence Hall (the "birthplace" of the United States of America) located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Rail service to New York City´s Manhattan Island has been suspended. ABC news now is reporting that there was NO car bomb at the State Department.

UPDATE: (11:00 AM EDT) The ABC TV Philadelphia affiliate reports that all "Hudson River crossings" have been closed. The mile-wide Hudson River flows between New Jersey and New York City´s Manhattan Island -- which is where the World Trade Center was located. The George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, and Holland Tunnel are Hudson River crossings which have been closed.

UPDATE: (11:30 AM EDT) Fox news now is reporting that the U.S. military is at Defcon 5. The highest US military alert status short of war.

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MozillaQuest Magazine will show you how-to-use your PC and your PC software, and hardware. The articles and information you find here will help you get lots of bang for the bucks you spend on your computer system and software.

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