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Welcome to the About Computers Web Site.

Why, When, & How to Upgrade, Repair, and Maintain Your PC or Personal Computer

Use this About Computers Web site to find out why, when and how to upgrade, repair, and maintain your PC or personal computer.

Upgrading, repairing, and maintaining your PC or personal computer:

Upgrading, Repairing, & Maintaining Your PC

Upgrade to 200-MHz MMX Performance Or Better for Under $80

Upgrade Your PC to 133-MHz Performance for as Little as $35

Storage, I/O, & Other Peripheral Devices


Here, at the About Computers Web Site, you will find an archive of many past editions of About Computers articles and some other helpful information and links. The stuff you find here will help you get lots of bang for the bucks you spend on your computer system and software. Many articles include references to helpful computer books with even more help and information about the things discussed in the articles.

About Computers is the name of a great, informative, newspaper column. It's all about computers. The Column covers all sorts of computer software and hardware. It includes product overviews and reviews. About Computers shows you how-to-use your PC and your PC software, and hardware.

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