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Digital Photography For School, Home, & Office

It's Easy, Economical, & Awesome

By Mike Angelo 

20 August 2000 (C)


Digital Photography Demo & Tutorial Pictures

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Below please find the final Mantis on Thyme digital photograph as it appeared in the newspaper editions of the About Computers column -- Digital Photography For School, Home, & Office . Immediately below that photo is the mantis photo before any retouching or image editing was applied.

Further down are thumbnails of some ten variations of the mantis photo along with listings of the PhotoShop filters and/or Intellihance Pro preset enhancements that were applied to create the special effects. To view the full-sized photos, please click on the photos.

Adobe PhotoShop 5.5 and Extensis Intellihance Pro 4.0 were used to do the photo retouching and image editing.

Final Mantis on Thyme

Above is the real digital version of the Mantis on Thyme photo that appeared in your newspaper.

Before Mantis on Thyme

The above Before Mantis on Thyme was cropped from a much larger original digital photo. The original was cropped in order to get the photo down to a two to three newspaper column width print size -- about four to six inches wide. It also was cropped to let the mantis take a much larger portion of the photo. That's because the mantis is the subject of the photo -- not the thyme plant and lots of extraneous stuff in the larger, original digital photo.

Compare the before version to the un-cropped final Mantis on Thyme below. The Final Mantis on Thyme was cropped from this larger version below in order to make it two-columns wide.

Notice the before picture has a flat, monotone pale green. On the other hand, the final version has a much richer variation of greens and other colors. More about that further down.

Before Final Cropping of Mantis on Thyme


Producing the Final Mantis on Thyme Image

The sequence of images below shows development of the final Mantis on Thyme image starting with the Before Mantis on Thyme image and ending with the before final cropping Mantis on Thyme image.

Figure 1a Figure 1b Figure 1c

Figure 1d

Figure 1a is the original cropped mantis before the application of any retouching or image editing. In Figure 1b, the native PhotoShop 5.5 Auto-Level and Fade-Multiply filters are applied. The PhotoShop 5.5 Clone Tool (Rubber Stamp) was used to remove the thyme leaf that is in front of the middle of the mantis' body to produce Figure 1c. Next the Intellihance Pro 4.0 Quick Enhance preset was applied to create the before final cropping Figure 1d image.

Some Other Effects

Figure 2a
Figure 2b
Figure 2c
Figure 2d
Figure 2e
Figure 2f
Figure 2a is the original cropped mantis digital photo before the application of any retouching or image editing. The Intellihance 4.0 Focus preset enhancement was applied to Figure 2a to create Figure 2b. Then in Figure 2c, the Intellihance Soft Enhance preset was applied

In Figures 2d through 2f, the Intellihance Vector, Clean, and Vivid preset enhancements were applied to the mantis digital photograph to create the effects shown in the figures.

(This page is under construction, please check back in a few days. )

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