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March 1, 2004
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SCO IP Articles Index

SCO-Caldera v. IBM, Linux, GNU, Free Software, and Open Source Software Articles

Tom Carey and Mike Angelo Discuss SCO's Motion to Dismiss Red Hat's Lawsuit

SCO Asks Court to Throw out Red Hat Complaint Against SCO

By Mike Angelo -- 17 October 2003

IBM Ups SCO Lawsuit Ante to Include Copyright and Patent Infringement

Counterclaim Adds Linux Copyright Issues to the Fray

By Mike Angelo -- 14 August 2003

Get full IBM to SCO Answer and Counterclaim text -- 22-KB download

Updated -- 10 August 2003

IBM Seeks Money Damages and Injunctions Against SCO-Caldera

IBM Answers SCO's Amended Complaint and Adds a Counterclaim to Boot

By Mike Angelo -- 8 August 2003

Are SCO's Rebuilt IBM Lawsuit and Unix License Revocation Winners -- Or More SCO FUD?

Part II: Tom Carey and Mike Angelo Discuss SCO's Amended IBM Lawsuit Complaint and Unix License Revocation

By Mike Angelo -- 5 August 2003

U.S. GNU/Linux Community Fights Back

Red Hat Files Complaint Against SCO FUD & Funds Defense Against SCO Claims

By Mike Angelo -- 4 August 2003

Are SCO's Rebuilt IBM Lawsuit and Unix License Revocation Winners -- Or More SCO FUD?

Part I: Overview and Prologue

By Mike Angelo -- 31 July 2003

Part II: Tom Carey and Mike Angelo Discuss SCO's Amended IBM Lawsuit Complaint and Unix License Revocation

By Mike Angelo -- 5 August 2003

GNU/Linux Might Be Free of SCO Threats

SCO Agrees IBM Owns AIX, JFS, NUMA, RCU Copyrights

By Mike Angelo -- 25 July 2003

SCO Registers Unix System V Copyrights

IBM, SuSE, and Richard Gooch Deny SCO-Caldera Copyright Claims

By Mike Angelo -- 22 July 2003

Only 80 Lines of Common Unix and Linux Code

SCO-Caldera Shows No Proof That Linux Was Derived from Unix

By Mike Angelo --17 June 2003

Munich Court Rules SCO Anti-Linux Statements FUD

Tarent Seeks Contempt Order Against SCO

By Mike Angelo --14 June 2003

German Courts order SCO-Caldera to Stop Anti-Linux FUD

German Penguins Launch Successful Counter-Attack in SCO v Linux War

By Mike Angelo --9 June 2003

SCO +1, Novell -1 in SCO v Novell Unix-IP Feud

By Mike Angelo --7 June 2003

IS SCO NDA Sideshow Setting a Trap for Analysts and Linux Developers?

By Mike Angelo -- 3 June 2003

Novel Enters the SCO IP Fray with No Proof and More FUD

Novell Says SCO Does Not Own Unix IP -- SCO Says it Does

By Mike Angelo -- 31 May 2003

Kernel.Org and GNU/Linux Developers Have Clean Code Safeguards

SCO-Caldera v IBM:

Is SCO Trying to Dictate Linux Kernel and GNU/Linux Development Procedures?

By Mike Angelo -- 28 May 2003

Conectiva, Mandrake, and SuSE Say No SCO in Their Code

SCO-Caldera v IBM:

Is SCO Trying to Renege on Clearing Linux Kernel ?

SCO Has Not Found Its Code in Kernell.Org Linux Kernel or in GNU/Linux OS

By Mike Angelo -- 21 May 2003

About the Hey SCO, sue me Petition

17 May 2003

SCO-Caldera v IBM:

IBM Response to SCO-Caldera Complaint Is Outrageous!

By Mike Angelo -- 15 May 2003

SCO-Caldera v IBM:

IBM Files Answer to SCO's Caldera v IBM Complaint

1 May 2003

SCO-Caldera v IBM:

SCO Clears Linux Kernel but Implicates Red Hat and SuSE

By Mike Angelo -- 28 April 2003

IP Attorney John Ferrell and MozillaQuest Magazine's Mike Angelo Discuss the Lawsuit

SCO-Caldera v IBM: IBM Moves Lawsuit from State to Federal Court

By Mike Angelo -- 31 March 2003

Has IBM Contaminated Linux Kernel or GNU/Linux Source Code with SCO-Owned Unix Code?

SCO-Caldera v IBM: IBM Replies to Some SCO Allegations but Hides Lots Too

By Mike Angelo -- 26 March 2003

Linux Kernel Gurus Reject SCO-Caldera v IBM Lawsuit Claims

SCO-Caldera v IBM: Alan Cox, Richard Gooch, and Dave Weinehall Respond to SCO's Linux-Related Claims

By Mike Angelo -- 18 March 2003

SCO-Caldera v IBM: Conectiva's Gordon Ho Responds to SCO-Caldera's Linux-Related Allegations

30 January 2002

Copyright 2000-2004 -- MozillaQuest -- Brodheadsville, Pa..USA -- All Rights Reserved

SCO-Caldera, Anti-Linux, IP, & IBM Lawsuit Overview

SCO-Caldera CEO Darl McBride started attacking the GNU/Linux community last summer, shortly after he took that job from Ransome Love. It also was an attack on Red Hat Linux.

Over the winter, apparently McBride festered in his lack of love for Linux. In January 2003, Maureen O'Gara broke a story that McBride was planning to exploit SCO-Caldera's intellectual properties (IP) portfolio.

Next, McBride announced the formation a new SCO-Caldera project, SCOsource, which would protect and enforce SCO-Caldera IP. Initially, McBride's SCOsource project did not directly attack the GNU/Linux community. Rather it sought to protect SCO-Caldera's UnixWare libraries. This appeared to be a legitimate exercise of copyright protection and enforcement.

Then in March, McBride's SCO filed its now infamous Caldera v IBM lawsuit. What made that Caldera v IBM lawsuit so controversial was that SCO-Caldera needlessly attacked and insulted the Linux kernel, GNU/Linux operating system, Linux distribution, and many other free software developers. All the major GNU/Linux community people, Alan Cox, Gaël Duval, Richard Gooch, Gordon Ho, Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, David Weinehall, and more reject SCO and McBride's claims that Linux was derived from Unix and other insults.

Nevertheless, on12 May 2003 McBride and SCO sent a letter to several thousand companies, stating in part:

Linux is, in material part, an unauthorized derivative of UNIX . . . We have evidence that portions of UNIX System V software code have been copied into Linux . . . legal liability that may arise from the Linux development process may also rest with the end user . . . We intend to aggressively protect and enforce these rights . . . we are prepared to take all actions necessary to stop the ongoing violation of our intellectual property or other rights.

That provoked Univention and Tarent to obtain German court orders telling SCO-Caldera and McBride to shut-up -- or face some pretty hefty fines and/or jail time for failing to shut-up.

Red Hat has filed a lawsuit in the United States Distict Court for Delaware to shut SCO-Caldera and McBride up in the U.S.


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