July 9, 2002

Mozilla 1.0 Not Ready for Prime Time -- Close but No Cigar and No Brass Ring!

MozillaQuest Magazine Comprehensive Mozilla 1.0 Coverage

After four long years, the Mozilla 1.0 Web browser suite is out! MozillaQuest Magazine has the best, most balanced, accurate, robust and in-depth coverage of AOL-Netscape's Mozilla 1.0 browser suite on the Internet. MozillaQuest compares AOL-Netscape's Mozilla 1.0 performance to the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and Stylesoft NetCaptor browser for Microsoft Windows users and the KDE Konqueror browser for Linux users.

Should you give AOL-Netscape's Mozilla 1.0 browser a try or switch to AOL-Netscape's Mozilla 1.0? Check MozillaQuest Magazine's comprehensive Mozilla 1.0 coverage to get the facts upon which to base your decision about trying or switching to AOL-Netscape's Mozilla 1.0 browser. Learn about the Mozilla Application Programming Framework (Mozilla 1.0 APIs). How does it affect Mozilla browser-suite performance? How does it help application software developers?

See how AOL-Netscape's Mozilla 1.0 browser performance compares to the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and Stylesoft NetCaptor browser for Microsoft Windows users. Find out how the AOL-Netscape Mozilla 1.0 browser-suite's bugs, issues, and annoyances might affect your user-experiences.

Learn more about the Mozilla 1.0 E-Mail and News module and how it compares to KDE's KMail and KNode e-mail and newsgroup clients for Linux and Eudora 5.1.1. for Microsoft Windows.

Check the MozillaQuest Magazine front page regularly for the latest updates, information, and important news about Mozilla 1.0 and post-Mozilla 1.0 developments, up-to-date bug information and lots more.

More Mozilla 1.0 Stories in Production -- Stay Tuned!

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