January 9, 2000


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Official Mozilla Organization Downloads

Mozilla Milestone 0.7 Browser-Suite Released

Things Mozilla-wise change everyday. Get the latest daily build to see where Mozilla and the included ChatZilla IRC client software development are today.

Main Mozilla Download Page

Mozilla Milestone 18 Download site:

Mozilla Milestone Release Notes:

Mozilla Nightly Builds:

NOTE: After installing Mozilla, you should go through all the Mozilla browser suite preferences before you take Mozilla on-line for the first time to make sure all the preferences are set the way you want them. One reason is the Mozilla Organization has set the default Mozilla browser suite preferences to leave you open security-wise and privacy-wise. For example the default preference are set to "Accept all cookies". If you consider those default settings to be risky, you might want to change them to more conservative settings.

Other Mozilla Downloads

Mozilla Ports

Mozilla Organization Materials & Pages

The Mozilla Organization

Get Involved in the Mozilla Project

Mozilla Jargon File

The Mozilla Project and mozilla.org by Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler

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Usable Mozilla Daily Builds.

The Mozilla Mtrunk daily builds are reasonably stable and features complete. We find many of them quite usable -- insofar as the browser module is concerned. Moreover, they are much better than the Netscape 6.0 browser.

We have been using the 17 November Linux and windows Mtrunk builds as our primary browser.

Unfortunately, the Mozilla people have deleted the 17 November Mtrunk directory. So those 17 November builds no longer are available.

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