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Mozilla's ChatZilla -- The Lizard Speaks: Real Internet Chatting & Communication. Part 1: Introduction & Overview

by Mike Angelo -- Page 3

A ChatZilla Quick Tour/Demo

However, if you would like to take a preliminary look at ChatZilla, download Mozilla Milestone 18 or a recent Mozilla Mtrunk daily build. Please check the Resources section at the end of this article for download links.

After you start the Mozilla browser, just click on Tasks on the main Menu bar. Then when the Tasks menu drops down, click on IRC Chat. That will launch ChatZilla. Notice the box named client on the toolbar in the upper left of the ChatZilla application window. That's called a View Button.

You can make the view buttons larger and with LED-like indicators by clicking on Options > LEDs in View Buttons. (Please see Figure 1.) If you do that, the Client View Button will have a yellow light on it.

Figure 1. Chatzilla Options Menu

Next for your ChatZilla demo, please type /attach moznet in the edit (input) box. That will connect your ChatZilla client to the Mozilla Organization IRC network. Likely a box will pop up when you do that and it will ask you to type in and enter a nickname that you want for your name on IRC. Once you are connected to moznet, a view button labeled "moznet" will appear on the view bar next to the "client" view button. (Please see Figure 2.)

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A ChatZilla Quick Tour/Demo

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