November 22, 2000

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Mozilla's ChatZilla -- The Lizard Speaks: Real Internet Chatting & Communication. Part 1: Introduction & Overview

by Mike Angelo -- Page 5

As people in the #mozillazine channel chat, you will see what they are typing in the channel (input) window. If you type something in the edit (output) window, you will see what you have typed appear in the output window as soon as you hit the enter key -- so will everyone else in the #mozillazine channel. (Please see Figure 3.)

(Tip: if you are not familiar with using IRC, a good way to get started in a channel is simply to type "hi" and then wait a while before you start chatting so you do not interrupt an already ongoing conversation.)

You can join several channels. Try typing /join #chatzilla to join the #chatzilla channel on moznet. After you join #chatzilla you should notice a "chatzilla" view button added to the View bar with a yellow light.

You can switch between #chatzilla and #mozillazine simply by clicking on the appropriate view button. Please notice how the colors of the lights change as you do this.

For more information and details about using ChatZilla, please see the "ChatZilla User's Guide". (Link in the Resources section below.)

Customizing ChatZilla

mIRC is one of the most popular if not the most popular Windows-based IRC clients. One reason is that with mIRC one easily can write their own popups, aliases, remotes, scripts, and so forth to automate many elements of his or her IRC experience. That easily can be done with ChatZilla too.

On the other hand the source code for mIRC is closed. So there are substantial limits on what one can do to customize mIRC. However, ChatZilla is part of the Mozilla Open Source scheme of things. Moreover, ChatZilla is a Mozilla Chrome package. That means you pretty much can customize ChatZilla just the way you want it.

Customizing ChatZilla is not all that different from Mozilla skinning. The ChatZilla files to customize are in the mozilla\bin\chrome\packages\chatzilla directory structure.

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