November 22, 2000


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Mozilla's ChatZilla -- The Lizard Speaks: Real Internet Chatting & Communication. Part 1: Introduction & Overview

by Mike Angelo -- Page 6


ChatZilla easily could become the bonus killer-app that is included with the Mozilla browser suite.

ChatZilla is far from finished or complete. But if you want to see for yourself what it is now, download a recent Mozilla browser suite build and try ChatZilla. Then from time to time download the latest daily Mozilla build to see the latest additions and improvements to ChatZilla. Of course when the official final release version of Mozilla 1.0 is finished, make sure you download and install it.


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Mozilla & ChatZilla Info & Downloads

ChatZilla screen shot from the ChatZilla User's Guide

Chatzilla -- a Mozilla-based, Javascript/XUL IRC Client

ChatZilla User's Guide

Official Mozilla Organization Downloads

Download the November 17, 2000 daily Mozilla Mtrunk builds for Windows and Linux we used for this story -- and mozilla-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz

However, things Mozilla-wise change everyday. Get the latest daily build to see where Mozilla and ChatZilla development are today.

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ChatZilla & Internet Chatting
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ChatZilla Rules!

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A ChatZilla Quick Tour/Demo

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More Quick Tour/Demo

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Customizing ChatZilla

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