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MozillaQuest Magic: Enabling Changes Made to Mozilla-Based Browsers & Applications Chrome

A MozillaQuest Tutorial That Helps You See The Changes You Make To Mozilla Chrome

By Fabian Guisset -- 8 December 2000

Are you having trouble getting changes you make in Netscape 6 and Mozilla-based browser skins (themes) and applications to show up when you open them? Chances are that if the Mozilla-based browser or application you are skinning is based on a Mozilla build later than September 14, 2000, you have run amuck of its .jar files.

Here's a step-by-step tutorial to help you get around the Mozilla .jar files. You will do that by disabling the Mozilla JAR files so that you can see the effects of the chrome and skin changes you make without needing to modify the JAR files.

Step 1. Finding the installed-chrome.txt file

Locate the installed-chrome.txt file in the directory structure where you have installed Mozilla. To do that, first, please locate your chrome directory.

In Windows that should be in path\mozilla\bin\chrome\ (if you have the version) or in path\mozilla\seamonkey\chrome\ (if you have the installer version).

In Linux, installed-chrome.txt should be in the packages/chrome dir where you installed Mozilla if you downloaded the tar.gz file.

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