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Step 3. Editing the installed-chrome.txt file

a) Remove ALL occurrences of jar: .

For example change

content,install,url,jar:resource:/chrome/comm.jar!/ content/navigator/


content,install,url,resource:/chrome/comm.jar!/content/ navigator/

By removing jar: .

b) Next, remove ALL occurrences of .jar! .

For example change

content,install,url,resource:/chrome/comm.jar!/content/ navigator/


content,install,url,resource:/chrome/comm/content/ navigator/

by removing .jar!

Now, when you restart Mozilla, it will look in the un-jarred chrome and skin directories instead of in the JAR archives. That means that your changes will be shown on your customized Mozilla browser or application face.

Step 4. Finish!

a) Save installed-chrome.txt

b) Restart Mozilla

c) Enjoy your work!

Have fun hacking Mozilla!

Fabian Guisset.

(Editor's Note: Mozilla uses the JAR format to bundle components required by Mozilla's layout engine into larger and compressed .jar files. By packaging many component files into one JAR file and then compressing the JAR file, user interface (UI) layout and rendering is made simpler and faster.

Causing Mozilla to bypass the JAR files and go directly to the un-jarred chrome and skin files as we show you how to do here results in less efficient and slower Mozilla execution. How much bypassing the JAR files affects performance, and how noticeable the performance effects are, of course will depend on the speed of the computer you are using.

Please consider JAR-bypassing a developer Mozilla running mode -- intended for you to see renditions of your chrome, skin, and UI modifications as you make them.

When you are done making your chrome and skin modifications, you should re-package the affected JAR files and then restore the jar references in the installed-chrome.txt file. That's another story however. Look for it soon. Stay tuned. Mike Angelo.)

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MozillaQuest -- Building Your Own Netscape & Mozilla-Based Web Browser Or Skin

Mozilla Developer Documentation

Jar Packaging by Warren Harris

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