December 6, 2000

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The Mozilla Guerillas are building one heck of a totally awesome framework for building all sorts of neat applications. And they are building applications on their Mozilla framework too.

We use the doing tense of the verbs here because Mozilla is far from finished. Every day there is a new Mozilla build. Mozilla truly is a highly dynamic, interactive, work-in-progress -- yet a work-in-progress that you can use now.

In today's first part of our Mozilla skinning series, we give you a basic feel for just some of the things you can do with Mozilla.

Moreover, we do not discuss any heavy-duty skin surgery today -- just a few dabs of superficial cosmetic touch-up. But even so, just working at this very superficial level you easily can brand your own customized browser by putting your name and logo on what then is "your" Web browser.

The Brower moneymaker is the Sidebar. That's where we will make changes to the portal stuff, default bookmarks, links and all that sort of thing in future parts of this Mozilla skinning series.

The Mozilla concept is earthshaking in the software world. If you start hacking the Mozilla UI (User Interface) as we discuss here today, you can get in on the ground floor of applying the earthshaking Mozilla concept.

In Part II of MozillaQuest the Series, coming soon, we peel back the Lizard's skin, start hacking the Mozilla GUI, and show you how to build your own customized browser suite. Stay tuned

Good luck on your new adventure -- MozillaQuesting!

Note: The Mozilla folks were very helpful to us in researching this article. We thank them for all their help. But any errors that might be in this article are ours, not theirs.

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