December 28, 2000


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Introduction & Overview

Brief Recap of Part I of MozillaQuest the Series.

Getting the Lizard Ready for Some Skin Surgery

Skinning Tools

Optional Homework

Branding Your Mozilla-Based Browser

To Jar or Not to Jar the Lizard

Changing the Browser Title

Finding the Branding Iron

Branding the Lizard -- Changing Its Name

More Branding -- Changing the Application Logo

Side Effects


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Branding Your Mozilla-Based Browser

In part, branding puts your company, organization, or personal logo on the browser navigation bar and your personal, company, or organization name on the title bar. It's free advertising. But it also is somewhat like an old-fashioned guild mark or hallmark that says you made (or at least modified) the item and you are proud of your work.

In the Mozilla browser face shown in Figure 1, please notice the name Mozilla along with the Build ID in the Title Bar at the top of the browser screen. Then on the right side of the Navigation Bar, please notice the M logo. Those are the branding items that you will learn to modify today.

Figure 1.Original Mozilla Web Browser.

AOL has branded its customized version of the Mozilla browser by changing the name on the Title Bar to Netscape and the Mozilla M logo to the Netscape N logo. Please see Figure 2.

Figure 2. Netscape's Customized Mozilla browser.

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