December 28, 2000


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Introduction & Overview

Brief Recap of Part I of MozillaQuest the Series.

Getting the Lizard Ready for Some Skin Surgery

Skinning Tools

Optional Homework

Branding Your Mozilla-Based Browser

To Jar or Not to Jar the Lizard

Changing the Browser Title

Finding the Branding Iron

Branding the Lizard -- Changing Its Name

More Branding -- Changing the Application Logo

Side Effects


Resources & Links

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Figure 4. Netscape 6 Chrome directory structure.

Changing the Browser Title

The first thing you will do in building your own browser is to put your name on it. For this demonstration, let's call it the MozillaQuest Browser. To do that, modify the Entity reference in the DTD (document data type) file that defines the browser's name.

But first, please make a backup copy of the \Mozilla\bin\chrome\ directory tree in the folder where you have installed Mozilla. You will need this to restore Mozilla to its correctly functioning condition after you are done futzing around with customizing it, or if you mess up while trying to customize Mozilla.

Finding the Branding Iron

The Mozilla-brand browser title-declaration is found in the brand.dtd file in the \Mozilla\bin\chrome\en-US\locale\en-US\global path.

While we are at it, let's change the name of our browser to reflect that we now are using an Mtrunk build. We do not need to add the 17 November build date because that is in the build ID component of the title bar. So now let's call our browser the "MozillaQuest Mtrunk Browser "

Please feel free to use any title you wish for your own custom Mozilla browser. However, it might be easier for you to follow along and use our title and logo for now. Then change them, as you like, later. That will be good practice for you too.

Branding the Lizard -- Changing Its Name

(a) Open brand.dtd in the \bin\chrome\en-US\locale\en-US\global directory using a simple text editor. (Figure 5.)

Figure 5. brand.dtd opened for editing in Notepad.

(b) Then, change the line:

<!ENTITY brandShortName "Mozilla">


<!ENTITY brandShortName "MozillaQuest Mtrunk Browser">

by changing the title (brandShortName) "Mozilla" to "MozillaQuest Mtrunk Browser". (Figure 6.)

Figure 6. brand.dtd after editing in Notepad.

(c) Then save the edited brand.dtd file.

(d) Now run your customized Mozilla Mtrunk browser program.

Compare your customized Mtrunk to the screen shots in Figure 5 (next page). The title bar on the bottommost screen shot reads MozillaQuest Mtrunk Browser. The title bar on the original Mtrunk browser uppermost screen shot reads Mozilla.

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